qPCR and RT-qPCR
Hot-Start Master Mixes

The ready-to-use qPCR and RT-qPCR master mixes have been developed for fast cycling and are designed for superior sensitivity and specificity with probe-detection technology. A combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and PCR enhancers, in conjunction with an antibody or chemical-mediated polymerase promote rapid, consistently accurate detection of the intended targets. Lyophilization ready options allow room temperature shipping and storage, extended shelf-life and increased flexibility in sample volume. These products are also available as components in order to fit into your assay development.

Air Dryable Direct DNA qPCR Blood
Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes
Air-Dryable Mixes
Master Mixes for Molecular Ambient-Temperature Stable Assays
Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mixes
Low LOD 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix
Reagent Solutions for Molecular Diagnostics